Black Clover Episode 1 Review

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Black Clover episode 1 might be the most watched episode of a series I have ever watched. It’s not that the episode is good, its so-so at best. The reason is Black Clover I’m on the fence about and this review I’ll explain why.

Black Clover Episode 1 Review

Black Clover is a story about two people, Yuno and Asta which both are complete opposites from each other. One can do magic and the other can’t, the story is set in a magical world where everyone can do magic. It has a lot in common with Boku no Hero Academia which in the series everyone has powers but the main character Asta.

I also noticed the pace of the episode are the same, they try to make us have feelings for him because all he’s been wanting is the ability to do magic to be the next Wizard King. I think this is pointless because to really impact the viewer you should first make them feel a connection. The connection the episode tried to make us have is of the viewer to the characters which is rather important, think of how boring Angel Beats or Clanned would have been without a strong connection to the characters. I think that Black Clover and Boku no Hero Academia might have been able to drawl connections to people early on, but for me I like to get a connection to the characters over time throughout the series.

Getting back to Black Clover the main issue that many people who watched this series is Asta.

He wouldn’t be such a bad character if he wasn’t all over the place in actions and speech, all he does is yell in this episode. We can tell that this is really due to him being excited about finally being able to get his grimoire so he could do magic but even then I wish they turned it down a little. I wish they made him Swamaura from Diamond no Ace (Ace of the Diamond) excited which does have some control. I hope that later he does become less annoying moving forward from this episode.


Yuno seems to be the “chosen” character, he gets a four-leaf clover grimoire. He is annoying in this episode because even though he’s calm in the episode he does seem like he’s stuck up really.

I noticed this early in the episode with Asta being annoying he seemed to use magic to prevent him from doing anything even using his magic to cut wood before Asta did with an axe. It just seemed to be his way of rubbing magic in his face.Another thing that was annoying isn’t really Yuno’s fault but I didn’t like how everyone praises him. From using his power to dry clothes to the four-leaf clover grimoire he receives. I’m going to reach and say perhaps he was chosen because of his pendant that he wears. We see it when he was an infant not sure if it’s a symbol of his magical power to show he has immense power or not. It’s just something I wonder since the villain of the episode Revchi points out.

The story is really confusing towards the end with Asta getting his grimoire even though he has no magic ability in him. I just wonder if the five leaf clover is going to prove to be trouble for him and the village. I think that he description of what the five leafs mean should be a great way to start his journey to be the Wizard King. I don’t think that he won’t have much of a choice but to leave the village and start his journey but I do wonder how his grimoire will be any different from Yuno’s since he has an extra element mixed in which the fifth leaf is. I do wonder how others will react to seeing it, I think he’ll finally be able to get people to pay attention to him over Yuno.

There is one element that I would like to know which is the backstory we see flashes of in the episode of Asta and Yuno as kids.

Lilly mentions how they use to play with each other and really seemed to be inseparable until they came back to the village covered in mud. I’m not sure when it changed in their past but it should play some sort of reason in how they grew apart which is where we come into the story when they are teens. I can really only speculate but I think it was the moment that Asta and Yuno found out if they could magic or not based on the footage of Asta getting into a fight which looked like he was trying to protect Yuno.


The animation is really basic, it has good animation and animation that makes me want to yell at the animation team. The animation I didn’t like was the straight lines on the faces of the characters, I don’t know if that was supposed to mean shadows but we mostly see it under the chins of the characters and the face of Revchi when he uses his grimoire. I know it’s not a major issue with the animation unlike Devilman Crybaby which has a horrible aspect ratio of 2 foot bodies and 4 feet long arms like in xxHolic.

But the animation has good points like nice color uses such as when Yuno deflects an attack from another character that is jealous of him for getting a four-leaf clover grimoire.

Voice Acting

The voice acting is the worse part of the episode, there really isn’t any middle ground. We have Asta just yelling nearly every line (not even exaggerating he yells 99% of his lines) and then we get Yuno who really has no emotion at all in his lines. I wish they had a character who was more middle ground that would have some type of impact in the story to be a buffer between them. I think Lilly would have been a good choice to actually be the middle ground so we wouldn’t get one extreme of yelling to the other extreme of no emotion at all.


The sound is really bland there is some sound in the episode but none that really helps the story to be more engaging or enhance scenes. Well even if they had music in the background good luck being able to hear it over Asta screaming all the time.

The song we hear at the end of the episode which could be the OP for the next batch of episodes is really horrible. It doesn’t seem like they picked the best song that they could have. The only reason they should have picked that song is if the song really has a lot of similarities of what the series is about. I could think of a lot of other directions that the song they should have picked could be about. All I know is I don’t see the OST making a top 200 chart even or even in the top of anime fans.

Also I say batch because Black Clover is going to be 51 episodes. I hope they change the song, if this one is going to be the OP, every few episodes like Bleach and Diamond no Ace did. Granted those series had a lot more episodes, 366 for Bleach and 126 for Diamond no Ace (counting both series) of course I’m not counting things that aren’t in the main series such as specials and movies.



  • Story is so-so, it could have been worse.


  • Asta does nothing but yell though out the episode and Yuno has no emotion.
  • Poor choice of music


Overall this episode should have been good but there was just too many things that made this episode seem like it was just a poor way to portray the series and idea of it. They should have made Asta more calm, which would be easy to do without taking away his eagerness and determination from the character. Also with Yuno they could have made him seem more human instead of not really caring about anything. But it's just the first episode with 50 left to go so it's too early to pull the plug on the series.Which I actually did, I'm watching episode 1 for at least the 8th time and there's over 30 episodes out for it but I have nothing to do today so I figured I can't think of anything else that's running that I'm not up to date on. *Today is May 8th, 2018 to give you an idea on when I wrote this review*


Story - 3
Characters - 1
Animation - 4
Voice Acting - 1
Sound - 1
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