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Back Street Girls – Gokudolls First Impression Review



Back Street Girls – Gokudolls first impression was me wondering if I seen a series like this before. I can say I was wrong about it but it can be compared a little like Magical Girl Ore just in reverse. I’ll explain what I mean in my review and how they are similar and different. Theres more difference than similarities with the two.

Back Street Girls – Gokudolls First Impression Review

Back Street Girls – Gokudolls episode 1 is really a great episode it breaks things down into short stories, which is how I wish Asobi Asobase would have been like with its way of telling a story. The issue is Back Street Girls – Gokudolls tells the story like School Rumble told it’s story really. It built on the overall idea through non connecting stories. Just so people know the stories aren’t connected I’ve had a debate on it with a few people online.

The story of this series is actually funny and how I say it can be related to Magical Girl Ore but in reverse. I say that because in Magical Girl Ore it has a girls turning into guys after they agree to magical girls. They are also an idol duet who are unpopular. In Back Street Girls – Gokudolls it’s three Yakuza members who screwed up and as punishment the chief makes them choose go to Thailand and transform into women and come back to be a three member idol group or die. I will give the chief a pass since idols do make a lot of money. I also like the spoof they have for AKB48 with a group known as BKA84.

What really makes this series work even though it’s a collection of mini stories is how the group of “idols” play off each other and the events that are going on in the story. I like the way the characters still have their Yakuza thoughts as men after becoming women. Such as the reason why they had to become idols come up to their handshake event. I also like all the things that real idols have to do are also in the episode such as rules, how hard they are treated to maintain their looks, and have to do handshakes with fans.

The characters I can tell are going to be a driving force of the series because the mini series normally have to do with the characters also play on the events as well. If the characters don’t really have a great impact in the episode the episode’s story becomes weak.

The characters sadly we don’t get a lot information on the characters really based on how the series aim is really setting the pace and getting us the information of the ordeal and why they became idols. I’ll try to pick up on characteristics of the characters a little more in-depth over the next episode as I hope their characteristics come through now that we know the roles they have been assigned in.
Back Street Girls - Gokudolls episode 1 idols
I can give the names of the characters from this scene. Far left is Chika, center is Airi who has been assigned the leader, and right is Mari.
Back Street Girls - Gokudolls episode 1 Mandarin Kinoshita
The guy in charge of the idol group to make them more popular is Mandarin Kinoshita. Not a lot is known about him but he thinks he can make the group more popular. I don’t know how they can become more popular to be honest.


The animation is good the colors really are great and nice touch on the characters that are a nice color when early on in the episode the colors seemed washed out and faded but it does become better in the episode. I would like better animation style on some of the characters but it’s not saying the animation style that was chosen are bad.


The voice acting is great it’s nice to get dual roles for the voice acting. We get the voices of women for the idol roles and males for their inner voice as Yakuza’s when they were males. It’s a nice touch that they could have skipped and had the female voices doing both. But I’m glad with the choice and direction they took in the episode and will be the same through out the series.

The sound is a bit hit or miss with me I would have liked to have the songs they sing to sound better but that’s just my thoughts, I won’t take any points off for it. But the OP and ED really do fit the mood and theme of the series. Which shouldn’t be a shock because idol series often hit the marks on the OP and ED selections.


  • Great story
  • Good characters
  • Lots of comedy


  • We don't get to know the characters in-depth


Overall this seems to be finally an idol series that I can enjoy actually. As a big fan of Japanese idol groups I'm glad I can find one I can watch and laugh at things that happen. This is coming from a fan of AKB48 but hated the AKB48 anime series as well as not a fan of THE iDOLM@STER franchise. However I can see this series being really an underground hit for the story and the comedy that the series has.


Story - 7
Characters - 6
Animation - 6
Voice Acting - 6
Sound - 6

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