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Back Street Girls – Gokudolls Episode 2 Review



Back Street Girls – Gokudolls Episode 2 is a better episode than the first episode we get a little bit of the backstory of Airi and connection to a new character.

Back Street Girls – Gokudolls Episode 2 Review

Back Street Girls – Gokudolls episode 2 really started out at a better pace and connects to the first episode a little with Kinoshita trying to make them a more popular idol group. We see this with the presents that they get and how unpopular Mari is in the group. What is funny is how I think that the idol training they did in the backstory of becoming idols might be tainting his mind and making him start acting like a girl instead of the Yakuza he once was. Back Street Girls - Gokudolls Episode 2 inner thoughts I just find this a funny random moment that came out of nowhere because in the first episode they really seemed to resent that they had to become an idol group.

We really see how they try to become more popular in the episode and doing what idols normally do. I just wish that Aikatsu Friends! had this much in the series to do with being an idol group. Because this series is more about being an idol group than that series so far. But I like how they went on a radio show against wo of the members of the idol group BKA84 in what seemed to be a radio battle in an interview. I can say that this is one thing I never heard of about idol groups going head to head on a radio show. Granted that the idol groups I mostly hear about are all on the same label so they might not do head to head talks. Maybe I just never listened if they did on JFN. Sorry idols are a big part of my hobby!

The big part of the episode is we get to learn about the backstory of Airi before he became a female idol. We get to know why people liked him as a character even if they didn’t like Yakuzsa because he seems that he had no choice but to join a gang. He does seem like he was a nice guy but due to his childhood and life up untill he became a Yakuza we see that he’s life wasn’t the best and that he seemed to really join to feel like he had a place and welcomed to a group of people and could have friends for a change. I like how they did this with his character because it does fit his role in the idol group and shows he did have a soft side. Not sure if thats why he wanted to be more popular than he already is in the idol group or not.

We learn about the friendship he had with a character we meet in episode two. We don’t learn a lot about Kimura as a character just the relationship he had with Airi, whose real name is Kentarou. We get an idea of their friendship because even though he’s now a girl we see Kimura calling him by his nickname like he was still a guy. Of course that changed after he got drunk but I won’t spoil anything about what happens after he gets drunk.

The boss of the three is still the brutal boss that he always have been because he wants to make money off of them. I do wonder why he didn’t just make a group similar to THE iDOLM@STER seems like that would be faster and easier.


The animation is the same as the first episode we get a lot of detail when the group is seen as guys more than we see them as women. But the animation is still good even when I streamed it in 720p instead of 1080p the animation didn’t seem like it was a loss in quality. Of course some streaming sites might be doing some odd bit rate thing on the stream like when they lowered the quality so who knows what resolution I was really watching it on.


The voice acting is still good to hear with the two-part roles of the voices and the voice of Kimura is another great voice so I can say that all the voices so far are great even the voice of the radio show host and the members of BKA84 were a nice change-up of the regular voices. My only negative thing about the voice acting is I wish the voices in the backstory as well as the main cast would show some emotion here and there.

The music is also the same as it was in the first episode but it could have used some music in the backstory could have played in the background so the scenes of how he was as a Yakuza would have had more of an impact and more touching.


  • Great comedy
  • We get the background of Airi before he became a female idol member
  • We get how great friends he and Kimura was


  • We should have had music in the background while hearing about Airi as a Yakuza.


Overall this series is doing what a series should do it takes the idea and slowly builds on the facts and characters in the series. I like how the story hasn't changed focus and even though it's a series with different stories in the episode it is still able to keep a story going and feel like a complete story which isn't easy to do. I will keep watching this series because the series and comedy is still great and a nice change of pace from the same overused jokes even if they are ecchi.


Story - 8
Characters - 7
Animation - 6
Voice Acting - 6
Sound - 6

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