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Asobi Asobase Episode 2 Review



Asobi Asobase Episode 2 isn’t as good as the first episode the series really didn’t find a way for the series to really stand out from the first episode.

Asobi Asobase Episode 2 Review

Asobi Asobase Episode 2 showed 3 mini stories the stories didn’t really hold my interest unlike some of the stories from the first episode. The stories really seemed to not be as entertaining as the time in the mini stories seemed to not focus on the events. I will say that I wish the stories were longer to get more information. I would have liked to get more information about the student council election but it was really short. I would have liked to get information on the girl who won or the girl who used her speech to help her get elected because she really seemed to really be the person who got her elected.
Asobi Asobase Episode 2 speech
The real drag of the episode was the mini episode about make up. They tried to add in comedy to this part of the episode but the comedy really fell flat. They really should have taken this out of the episode and spent the time on another story such as perhaps getting Olivia to teach Kasumi English. Which I did predict we would get the truth out of her about her English speaking skills. I will say that Hanako breaks down the fourth wall which would have been funny if other parody series didn’t do it already and done it in way better ways.
Asobi Asobase Episode 2 breaking the fourth wall
I think that this series should have went the few minutes per episode route because the fact it stuffs many mini episodes into one to fill a half hour is really killing the series. It could be better in small amounts but I can see many people dropping this series. Even though I’m watching and reviewing almost every series this season I can see myself dropping this series after watching episode 3 and not even doing a review because I like to be more objective in my reviews but I can’t seem to be that way and I spend most of my review of Asobi Asobase bashing the episodes.

The characters aren’t as good as I wished they were. They don’t seem to really take a lot of part in the episode like they were in the first episode. It seemed like they were just reacting to the events instead of taking part in the events.


The animation is really the same as the first episode just less animation scenes that I mentioned that were annoying to me. So I say the animation was a little better than the first episode’s animation. This could be due to me getting use to the animation style from this series which didn’t take as long as I thought it would take.


The voice acting sounded like the voice acting was more relaxed and not the same as the last episode. I’m not sure if the voice acting is finding its stride or not but the cast does sound like they have some voice experience in past series. I do hope we get more voices as we did get a few new characters who should make an appearance in parts of the story from now until the end of the run of the series.

The sound is good we still have a lot of scenes with a lot of background music some of which matches the scenes and some scenes were it doesn’t which has background music of fast pace metal music like the ED is. The ED is really different from the OP which is a normal school life OP song which is a mid tempo pop like sound. I can say that as much as I enjoy the ED I do wish they stuck to a song like the OP which really fits the mood of the series.


  • None


  • The story wasn't as good as episode 1
  • The ED as much as I like doesn't fit the episode


Overall the series seems to be spinning its wheels and not really getting any better or worse. I will say that the series should find a way to get better instead of staying the same with the same type of episodes which is mini episodes that don't connect to each other in terms of story only by a few details like the club and Hanako and the light tennis club. I do say that I'll try to keep watching the series but I can't honestly find things to talk about in a subjective and objective view so I'll end up bashing the series but at least my scores are my honest thoughts on the series.


Story - 1
Characters - 3
Animation - 7
Voice Acting - 6
Sound - 6

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